K Michael Russell's Beginner's Guide to Procreate!

The Beginner's Guide to Digital Art with Procreate on iPad!

Learn the basics of digital art on your iPad with these step-by-step lessons for Procreate, a powerful digital art app! | taught by K Michael Russell

Course description

This in-depth, step-by-step course will show you all the basics of working with Procreate on the iPad. Procreate is a powerful application that rivals and, in some cases, outperforms the much pricier competition. I even use it in my professional work for comic book publishers like Image Comics and Top Cow. 

You'll learn how to use Procreate tools to create line art or colored illustrations - skills that can carryover into almost any type of art - from comic books to manga to cartoons or web-comics. This course focuses on getting you up to speed quickly with easy to follow lessons from a professional.

Whether you are looking to draw or color just for fun or for work, this course will save you a tremendous amount of time by teaching you what it takes to make art with Procreate and have some fun while you're doing it!

The course includes:

  • 3.5 hours of HD video lessons (at 60FPS - buttery smooth!) 
  • A copy of the actual Procreate file used throughout the course, so you can dissect it and learn about it from the inside. You can even watch, rewind, or fast forward through the time-lapse recording in Procreate! 
  • Custom, specialized Procreate brushes to import into your iPad.
  • Tons of tips, tricks, and shortcuts!

Be sure to check out the full curriculum below!

More bullet points!

  • Work at your own pace. There's no need to rush, since there's no time limits. 
  • Learn simple, but effective techniques for making art with Procreate on the iPad.
  • If digital art has been intimidating or if you just couldn't figure out where to start, this is a great place for you!
  • The workflow I teach is designed to be simple and efficient - something anyone looking to work in production art will appreciate!

I've created multiple courses over the last four years and taught thousands of students worldwide. You can expect top notch video & audio quality with views of my iPad screen AND my hands, so you can see exactly how everything is done from multiple perspectives - including Procreate's many useful gestures. 

So join me! I hope to see you there, and I'd love to help you get started down the path to becoming a great digital artist. 


K Michael Russell
K Michael Russell
Professional Comic Book Colorist (GLITTERBOMB, JUDGE DREDD, HACK/SLASH) & art instructor

I began coloring comics professionally in 2011, and I've been a fan of comics and art as far back as I can remember!

I'm working as a colorist for comic book publishers Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Top Cow on projects like JUDGE DREDD, the critically acclaimed GLITTERBOMB, POSTAL, and HACK/SLASH. I also worked on one of the short stories in the 2015 Eisner & Harvey-nominated In The Dark: A Horror Anthology.

I uploaded my first comic book tutorial to YouTube in July 2013 and launched my first coloring course about a year later. There are so many tutorials out there, but not many cover the most important aspect of coloring - storytelling! Even the most popular books on the subjects don't even talk about it. I created my first coloring courses for that exact reason.

In late 2017, I launched another more advanced coloring course, and followed it in early 2018 with a beginner's course on digital art with Procreate for iPad and new color theory course. More are coming!

I'm a huge movie fan, guitar player, drummer, and all-around tech geek. I live in Long Beach, Mississippi, with my wife of sixteen years, We have two cats. One is a jerk.

Some of my former (and current) collaborators include : Isaac Goodhart, Amy Chu, Kody Chamberlain, Ale Garza, Mike NortonMichael Moreci, Steve Seeley, Emilio Laiso, Jim Zub, Max Dunbar, Mike Henderson, Chris Lewis, Eryk Donovan, Rachel Deering, Valentin Ramon MenendezTim Seeley, Matt MinerJeff McClelland, Glenn Møane, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Shawn Aldridge, Jorge Vega, Jeff McComsey, Mark Bertolini, Fabian Rangel Jr, Jethro Morales, Pow Rodrix, Magnus Aspli


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