What's the 01 mean?!
In binary, the language of computers, all data is represented by the digits zero and one. That's why "digital" is called "digital."

So literally - it's digital art school. It's not that clever, but I'm rolling with it! Facebook sounded weird once too.

About me
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and working as a professional comic book color artist since 2011.  

I've worked on the critically acclaimed Image Comics series GLITTERBOMB and HACK/SLASH: SON OF SAMHAIN & RESURRECTION, Top Cow's POSTAL, IDW's JUDGE DREDD, the Eisner and Harvey-nominated IN THE DARK: A HORROR ANTHOLOGY, and many other independent and small press projects. There's a full list of credits available here.

When I first started trying to get work, I found a lot of tutorials online, but they all taught different techniques that sometimes didn't even work together, and they all ignored the most important aspects being a successful digital artist - mainly what it takes to be a visual storyteller.

I decided to try to do something about that! I launched my YouTube channel in 2013, and my first online course in May 2014. As of this writing, over 3000 students in 137 countries have learned about digital art.

I live in Long Beach, Mississippi, with my wife of eighteen years, Tina. We have two cats. One is a jerk.