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Hi, my name is K. Michael Russell

I'm a professional comic book colorist currently working the critically acclaimed GLITTERBOMB (Image Comics), POSTAL (Top Cow), and HACK/SLASH (Image Comics). I've also worked on one of the short stories in the 2015 Eisner & Harvey-nominated In The Dark: A Horror Anthology.

I uploaded my first comic book coloring tutorial to YouTube in July 2013 and launched my first coloring course about a year later. I now have tens of thousands of YouTube subscribers, and thousands of students from over 100 countries enrolled in my coloring courses. Crazy! :)

There are so many tutorials out there, but not many cover the most important aspect of coloring - storytelling! Even the most popular books on the subjects don't even talk about it. I created these courses for that reason - for colorists to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and not have to learn the same way I did - the hard way!


For Photoshop beginners or veterans

You are sure to learn something new! Build your confidence, focus on your weak points, and demystify storytelling with color.
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Access your courses at any time. Stream or download the lessons for offline viewing on your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device.

100+ Lessons

Learn the entire coloring process from start to finish with a strong focus on storytelling.

Tips & Tricks

Learn time-saving techniques and shortcuts to get you coloring quickly & easily.

Downloadable Assets

Download brushes, tool presets, Photoshop actions, and color settings with instructions.

High-Res Line Art

Get a huge selection of high-res, sequential line-art from professional artists - suitable for portfolio work or just practice!

Professional Feedback

Get critiques on your course work or portfolio directly from the instructor - a highly valuable resource for up & comers!

Q & A's

Access an exclusive discussion board just for students if you ever find yourself needing a question answered.

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Each lesson can be reviewed as often as you like. The videos can even be played at multiple speeds!

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Build your foundation

The original. Learn the concepts necessary to understand color in comics. This course covers the entire coloring process - start to finish. These lessons are critical to understanding what coloring really is. I strongly recommend starting here.

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Take your skills to the next level

This course will allow you to continue to build your skills with a focus on rendering and builds on the information learned in Core Concepts (Course 1) with new and expanded techniques. Includes a monthly live online class & complete coloring demos.

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Get both & save over 30%

The most comprehensive collection of coloring tutorials available anywhere. Learn it all with access to both courses in this discounted bundle.

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Course 1 - Core Concepts - Coloring Comics with Photoshop

In This Course You Get:
  • 10 hours of video lessons (60 tutorials)
  • Includes Photoshop presets for brushes, tools, & actions (with manual instructions for older versions of Photoshop)
  • Downloadable line art from pro artists for practice or your portfolio
  • Access to an exclusive discussion board, so you can ask questions or post art for feedback
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Course 2 - Master Class - Coloring Comics with Photoshop

In This Course You Get:
  • 10 MORE hours of video lessons (46 lessons & growing)
  • Full issue walk-throughs and page coloring demos to better understand the concepts through practical application
  • Exclusive access to the Student Lounge - a private Facebook Group
  • Monthly live Q&A with the instructor (K. Michael Russell)
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Get Both Courses And Save $70!

Course 1 & 2: Coloring Comics with Photoshop
  • 20 hours of real-time tutorials
  • Over 100 lessons
  • All downloadable content
  • Includes everything from course 1 & 2
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I wish I had something as clearly laid out and well organized as this course when I started digitally coloring my work. Needless to say, I recommend it for people who want to produce pro quality comic coloring.


This course not only taught me how to quickly and cleanly digitally color comics, but also got me started in what has become the start of a successful and passionate career as a Colorist. I recommend this course not only for its practical application but also for the joy and inspiration Kurt (KMR) brings to a widely under estimated art form.

Brittany PeerColorist/Alumni, TMNT [IDW], Misfit City [Boom!]

As someone who's found a passion in comic creation, especially the process of breathing life into them through color and light, I can't stress enough how incredibly helpful it is to have a singular, fantastically structured resource with which to learn and practice this craft. The content you provide is of fantastic quality and has been instrumental in my progress through honing this skill and the growth of my passion for this. So seriously, thank you!

Victor VegaAlumni

Course One, Course Two, Or Save With the Bundle!

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Course I - Core Concepts

$ 95

One-time fee. Lifetime access.

  • 60 tutorials
  • 10 hours of real-time lessons
  • Downloadable Photoshop presets
  • High-res line art for practice
  • Learn proven techniques

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Course II - Master Class

$ 125

One-time fee. Lifetime access.

  • 46 tutorials - new & expanded techniques
  • 10 MORE hours of real-time lessons
  • Live Monthly Q&A with KMR
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access
  • Page Demos & Issue Walk-throughs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some answers to common questions. Feel free to contact me at info@comiccolor.com if you have others.
Photoshop (or a roughly equivalent) & a drawing tablet. Photoshop CS6 & CC are used in the lessons, but almost any version will do. Several other applications have similar functionality, but only Photoshop methods are taught in these courses. The non-technical, coloring concepts can generally be applied to almost any drawing/painting application. Photoshop CC is available for $9.99/month as of this writing. The presets in the course require CS6 or higher. If you have an older version, I also include the settings, so you can set up the main tools manually if necessary.
Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yesssssss. Coloring is possible with a mouse, but it is much more difficult. A tablet is highly recommended. Wacom tablets are the industry standard and start around $70 as of this writing--even more inexpensive when buying used on eBay. My Wacom Intuos2 lasted 14 years, so almost any tablet will do.
The concepts apply to all sorts of art--not just comics.
Absolutely, there are free lessons to view in the course trial with no purchase required.
You have access to the entire course instantly after checkout. All lessons, downloads, and tools are available immediately. And no, access to the course never expires.
You can use whatever you want. Many of the concepts apply regardless of which program you are using, but understand that only Photoshop techniques are covered in these courses, and I will not be able to answer questions regarding other applications.