• What do I need to get started?

    For the Clip courses, you'll need Clip Studio Paint... PRO or EX versions are fine.

    For the Photoshop courses, you'll need Photoshop or a similar app such as Clip Studio or Paintstorm & a drawing tablet. Clip Studio has similar functionality, but only Photoshop methods are taught in this course. The presets in the course require CS6 or higher. If you have an older version, I also include the manual settings, so you can set them up.

    For Procreate courses, you'll need the Procreate app, an iPad, and Apple Pencil.

    The color theory course doesn't require any particular app, but Photoshop is used in that course.

  • What if I want to use [YOUR FAVORITE ART APP] instead?

    The vast majority of these techniques can be used in most digital art apps. For example, Clip Studio is very similar to Photoshop in many ways. You might need to find the equivalent function, but it's usually available.

  • Do I really need a tablet?

    Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yesssssss. Digital art with a mouse IS possible, but not optimal.

  • Can I view an example lesson?

    Absolutely, there are a few free lessons to view in each course with no purchase required.

  • Are all of the lessons available immediately?

    Yes, after purchasing a course (or bundle), you have access to the entire course (or bundle) instantly after checkout. All lessons, downloads, and tools are available immediately.

  • Do courses ever expire?


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