• In-depth, easy-to-follow, step-by-step video lessons.

    Many of Procreate's functions are MUCH more powerful than most users realize. We'll dive deep into them in this course.

  • Advanced functions made easy.

    Learn new ways to take advantage of features such as masking, reference layers, and alpha-lock.

  • Download Procreate files from the instructor's paintings.

    See each layer from the inside and learn how the magic happens! Also includes the file used in this course.

Cornelia W.


Cornelia W.

I'm an advanced user of Procreate. My hobby is doing colorings of line art as well as of grayscale. I did this course to improve my skills and in the hope to learn something new. And this was the case! I learned some helpful techniques and gestures. Everything was explained very well.
Colleen K.


Colleen K.

I learned a lot of great tips that I had no idea I could use with Procreate. Thank you!
Fred H.


Fred H.

KMR is a great teacher. All of the little tips and tricks I've learned so far are ones I would have never known about without courses like these. This is the kind of stuff I really want to know about when I get a new app. I'm really glad someone teaches courses like this.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting started!
  • 2
    A deep dive into Layers!
  • 3
    Drawing & painting shortcuts
  • 4
    Little-known gestures & tool techniques
    • Useful gestures
    • The Transform tool & it's many secrets!
    • Color drop (it does more than you think!)
    • Advanced Brush Settings
    • Filters and how to control them
    • Adjustments and how to choose WHERE they adjust
    • Perspective Guide basics
  • 5
    • File management apps
    • Outro

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