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    Learn how to practically use color theory concepts in these real-time tutorials. The concepts apply to almost any digital art app!

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Jerry W.


Jerry W.

That's exactly what I was looking for. After this course, I can say that "I know what to do with my colors now". It also opened my eyes to observe color in digital artists works and meaningfully see how they use it. Very comfy crouse as well.
Whitney H.


Whitney H.

I'm only on the fifth lesson, but this course has already saved my butt. None of my previous study had really helped me to understand how color "works," and despite investing a lot of time, I was still pretty much clueless about how to use color effectively. Kurt's explanations and examples are incredibly clear and simple... Beams of light blasting the fog out from my little mind. If this course wasn't an intangible digital item with no material heft, it would be worth its weight in gold. THANK YOU.
Ivan S.


Ivan S.

I truly enjoyed this course. K Micheal Russell managed to fortify my color theory knowledge through good practical examples and taught me new stuff in Photoshop which is always appreciated. I warmly recommend this course to my fellow artists.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting started
  • 2
    Color Theory Concepts
  • 3
    Special color techniques
    • A palette assistance tool
    • Using masks for light and shadow
    • Blending modes - DARKEN types
    • Blending modes - LIGHTEN types
    • Blending modes - COLOR types & Levels adjustments
  • 4
    • Putting it all together - Part I
    • Putting it all together - Part II

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